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InspectaCar – Superstar Customer Service

Course Description Establish and up-skill all customer-facing employees to place customer service at the centre of everything they do at you company. This will create loyal customers who become word-of-mouth ambassadors for your business. This course consists of 175 awesome customer service tips.

InspectaCar – Virtual Sales Training

Course Desceription Welcome to the InspectaCar Virual Sales Training course. This course is developed to give you correct and incorrect responses that triggers the emotion and tone of voice of the virtual buyer, thus improves your knowledge on the incorrect way of interacting and furthering your personal interactive skills within the sales environment.

InspectaCar – Complaints & Resolution Handling

Course Description Welcome to the InspectaCar Complaints and Resolution Handling Module. The objective of this eLearning Module is to assist InspectaCar Sales staff and Management to resolve complaints through a standardised process, to ensure a better outcome for both the company and its customers.

Management Responsibility

Course Description Management is vital to the success of every organisation. Managers need to be both effective and efficient in their jobs. This course will discuss the responsibilities of managers, such as managing information, making decisions, managing teams, evaluating performance and motivating people.

Getting Things Done

Course Description Great managers focus on getting things done– they have a system in place for everything. In this course, you will learn a few solutions to getting things done, with less hassle! Actively working at getting things done is so much more effective than just letting things happen.