Conflict Resolution

Course Description This course will aid you in understanding what conflict and conflict resolution means, learning the six phases of the conflict resolution process, using crucial conflict resolution skills, and using basic anger and stress management techniques. These skills not only aid you in preventing conflict but also in helping others work through conflict. Remember,

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Business Acumen

Course Description Business savvy, or business acumen, is the ability to understand and deal with different business situations and thus make accurate and quick decisions. This course will equip you with techniques to improve your business sense. The right training combined with experience will improve your business savvy.

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10 Soft Skills

Course Description Soft skills relate to how you work with other people. This course is an extensive, but not exhaustive, a guide to what should be considered as some of the key soft skills. Applying these skills helps us build stronger work relationships, work more productively and maximize our career prospects.

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Management & Leadership Fundamentals (Full Set)

Course Description Management and leadership skills are essential for individual development as well as the overall success of any organisation. A formidable team of managers and leaders can delegate tasks effectively, empower and motivate employees, set ambitions and manage tasks. This ensures that organisational goals are met through increased productivity, employee retention, improved communication and

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